Claire Carpenter - The power of the spoken word


If you have a speech or presentation coming up and you're feeling nervous – I can help.

Whether your speech is for business, work or a wedding, I can help. Whether you are terrified out of your wits, or just feel your speech could use a polish around the edges, I can help.

All my coaching is tailored specifically to you and your speech, so that you leave with a terrific presentation or speech that you feel happy with. I can also show you how to make your nerves work to your advantage so that you feel calm and confident delivering to your audience.

Click on the links below for more detail, or give me a call to chat about your requirements and how I can help.

All my coaching takes place via telephone, Skype, Google+ hangout or live in person if you are in or around Sussex, UK.

Take a look at the testimonials on the front page to hear from some of the many clients I have already helped.