Claire Carpenter - The power of the spoken word

My Speeches

Speaking For Businesses:

I would LOVE to come and speak at your next business meeting or gathering. I have a few keynote speeches on a variety of subjects, all of which can be tailored specifically for your event.

For Business

The Power of the Spoken Word: How it can Make or Break your Business

This vibrant talk will demonstrate how business owners and managers can dramatically increase their personal power by harnessing the power of the spoken word. Learn how to boost your sales, increase your impact, and inspire your teams by speaking with clarity, poise and purpose. Includes a humorous look at what happens to businesses when words go horribly wrong.

Perfect for business events and conferences.

How to Motivate Your Audience to Take Action

Learn the 3 key ingredients you need to move your audience to take action. Discover the blocks in place that stop your audience from taking action, and how to remove those blocks.

Perfect for business events, team meetings and conferences

How to Become a Millionaire in 3 Easy Steps*

A light-hearted talk with a serious message. Learn how and why the key to achieving your goals begins in the mind. *This talk comes with a guarantee. Follow these 3 easy steps and I guarantee you'll be a millionaire this time next year.

Perfect for business events and conferences, and schools.

For writers and other groups:

An Author's Journey: The Highs and Lows of Self-Publishing

In an upbeat and entertaining talk Claire draws on her own experiences of self-publishing to help other writers navigate the tricky path to publication date and beyond. She'll give examples of some of her calamitous mistakes, and also of her triumphs. She'll offer tips and tricks that all writers can use to publish and promote their books.

Perfect for writers groups and anyone interested in self-publishing.

Roots and Wings

Claire delivers a fascinating and poignant talk, vividly bringing to life her grandmother's childhood in rural Northern Ireland in the early part of the last century. Full of captivating stories, she demonstrates how the lessons we learn in childhood have a powerful and lasting effect on the rest of our lives. An uplifting, humorous and inspiring talk.

Perfect for Rotary Clubs, Women's Institutes and any groups with an interest in Irish history.