Yes You Can Books

' Yes You Can Books' is my series of inspirational picture books for young children. Each story is written to encourage self-esteem, a positive outlook, an open mind and a courageous heart. These are the characteristics that will determine the quality of our children's lives.

Yes You Can Books are perfect bedtime stories for you and your child to read together. They'll entertain your child through humour, engaging stories and lively illustrations, while encouraging empowering behaviours and attitudes. At the end of each story there are a number of questions which will stimulate your child to think about the story and ideas in more depth.

Hold on Tight

Hold on Tight

Hold on Tight is a story which inspires children to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams, come what may.

Tommy loves the moon and decides one day he'd like to go there himself. His bold dream is dismissed as nonsense by everyone around him, including his parents and the clever little girl next door. But with bravery, persistence and some unexpected help from a fiery new friend, Tommy eventually makes his dream come true.

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Love it, love it, love it! It's beautiful visually, poetic, hopeful, and soooo inspiring!!! - Anjali Healy, Epsom, UK

Something Odd...

Something Odd...

Something Odd... is a story which encourages the use of positive language in children.

Alexandra is a little girl with a difficult job to do. Frustrated and fed up, she vents her anger and unwittingly sparks an ill-fated chain of events inside her head. However, all is not lost, and before long, with a few carefully chosen words and some help from an unlikely source, something very odd starts to happen.

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A truly wonderful way to teach children about the power of positive thinking - Sue Atkins UK