We’ve all been there.

Left a meeting not fully understanding what we’re expected to do next…  

Sat through a deathly dull presentation praying you wouldn’t drop off in front of your boss…   

Found yourself with 15 minutes notice before having to deliver a presentation yourself…


Poor communication is a major problem in the workplace.   It’s the root cause of endless misery – low employee morale and engagement, wasted time and resources, conflict, damaged relationships, lost revenue, unclear messaging, resentment, confusion, lack of direction, failed initiatives, unpleasant working environment, loss of talent, loss of clients… the list is goes on and on.



Make sure your leaders, managers and teams at the front end of your business communicate effectively.


I have developed a series of modules which can be taught as a stand alone or as part of a series:


  • Communication for leaders
  • Elements of persuasion
  • Create a powerful speech every time
  • How to prepare a speech when you are short on time
  • The power of storytelling in the workplace
  • How to become a great storyteller
  • Presentation skills
  • Advanced presentation skills
  • Introduction to speech craft


Bespoke training.

I use the internationally recognised ADDIE model to assess your current communication and design a programme to meet your needs.  First step, fill in your details below and I’ll get right back to you.