• For anyone wanting to earn serious money speaking, you need to know that 100% of your keynote is working hard for you and delivering value. I know my subject. I do my research and keep up to date with my specialist knowledge. But I needed Claire to give everything I speak about some sparkle, and some gold-dust. Claire taught me about speech structures, and how to create the arc of the talk and key stories at inflexion point. She also showed me how to create a dynamic, attention-grabbing opening and a crowd-pleasing, rousing ending. Thanks Claire for turning me into a better speaker, a more powerful speaker, a high-earning speaker!

    Henry Rose Lee Inter-generational expert speaker
  • I would highly recommend Claire for anyone who has a story to tell. Claire was able to articulate my thoughts and feelings into excellent copy, and using her strong guidance, support, honest, and empathetic nature, created something quite special in my voice. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again in the future.

    Steve Rackley Co-founder and Director at James Chase & Silicon Brighton
  • I am a complete novice when it comes to public speaking and Claire was recommended to me by an experienced, professional public speaker who uses her services regularly. Claire has been able to take my rather technical and complex message and convert it into something that is compelling, accessible and pitched straight to my target audience. Her ability to get inside the subject matter to the root of the message was immensely impressive. I now have a great 5 minute script that I can now build out from to develop key note and other sessions. I have particularly enjoyed the authentic, supportive and enquiring way that we have developed this work - as well as the coaching on delivery! I have no hesitation to recommend Claire to both novice and more experienced speakers.

    Nick Kemp Transformation and Change Leader
  • Claire has given me amazing advice on a number of occasions when I had to do important speeches at industry conferences. She provides clear precise guidance on the content of the speech as well as great guidelines on the delivery which definitely gave me more confidence on the day.

    Jo Fleet Managing Director, Flat Iron restaurant chain
  • Claire is the most amazing guide and coach for when I am doing talks in front of different audiences. Her feedback is always intelligent, insightful and encouraging. I highly recommend her.

    Thomasina Miers Co-founder of Wahaca, cook, author and TV presenter
  • Claire's presentation to the Professional Speaking Association in London yesterday was a masterclass of both content and delivery. She generously shared her top speech writing tips, which I will use immediately, and delivered her content in an exceptionally clear, engaging and experiential way - including demonstrating her tips for holding audience attention. Claire is a real professional who knows her stuff and is invested in her audience's success.

    Angela Dellar Business owner, entrepreneur, speaker and author

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