Hi I'm Claire

Hi, my name is Claire, nice to meet you!

Do you have a message or an idea you are passionate about and you need to share with others?

I work with people who have something to say and want to say it well. I help them craft a powerful speech and deliver it with confidence.

My clients have delivered their speeches at national conferences, the House of Lords, at industry gatherings, and at product launches. They have spoken at City Hall and in church halls.

The event and audience may differ from speech to speech but the techniques for persuading an audience are universal.

Feel free to contact me for a chat if you feel I can help you.

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What My clients are saying

  • Thanks Claire for turning me into a better speaker, a more powerful speaker, a high-earning speaker! Claire taught me about speech structures, and how to create the arc of the talk and key stories at inflexion point. She also showed me how to create a dynamic, attention-grabbing opening and a crowd-pleasing, rousing ending.

    Henry Rose Lee Intergenerational expert speaker
  • I would highly recommend Claire for anyone who has a story to tell. Claire was able to articulate my thoughts and feelings into excellent copy, and using her strong guidance, support, honest, and empathetic nature, created something quite special in my voice.

    Steve Rackley Co-Founder & Director, James Chase and Silicon Brighton

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